Jennings Bet

Sports Betting

They currently have a good chain of sporting events that customers can place their wages on such as football, horse racing, Cricket, baseball and F1. You can make quick bets in their list of the next 10 available bets or horse racing events or whatever sporting event is in season at the time. The site is simple and easy to use without all the fancy graphics weighing down on the actual betting scheme.

Casino and Poker

The casino offers a great sign up bonus where you can get back 100% of your initial bet of up to £100! There are a range of games to play in their selections of slot machines, table games, video poker or even instant win games.

You have all your favourite games like Blackjack, Monopoly, Baccarat, Keno or even Craps. There is no download required and you can even play just for fun without betting your wages before you are an expert at the games.

The poker room does require a download before your join their games but they are worth it considering you are also offered the same sign up bonus here as in the casino. It’s like betting for free up to £100 before you actually start risking your stakes at the games.

In poker you can accumulate points so when you enter into the tournaments you won’t have to shill out cash for their fees. There is a full table chart showing you how you can earn your points so you can work out a system on how to play and how often.

Other features

Poker also gives you a chance to win big should you keep losing your stakes at the games by playing their Bad Beat Jackpot game. Four players must play to win the bad beat jackpot game and the winner can only win by playing four of a kind, 8’s or better.

If you have no idea on what you are doing in the poker games then take a trip down to the poker school and start over a new life by taking on their poker tips and advice. The poker room offers you every chance to win big.

Our Opinion

Jenningsbet offers you quite a comfortable environment when it comes to betting with their online site. They offer great promotions and bonuses simply for signing up giving you the opportunity to see where your game lies.

Their site is simple and easy to use and their bookmakers offer great odds when it comes to their sports, especially in horse racing. When it comes down to it, this is simply a site that offers you a great comeback to its main goal; placing bets online without all the fluff.

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