Manchester United manager expecting a close match with Arsenal

Sir Alex Ferguson looked a little embarrased at the end of his team’s 8-2 victory against Arsenal in August, with the Scot admitting that it wasn’t nice to see a team so comfortably beaten as Arsenal were that day

However, much has changed since that sunny summer afternoon, with the Gunners having recruited wisely and the Red Devils will encounter a much different beast when they travel to the Emirates Stadium this Sunday.

Ferguson is expecting the game to be tight and believes there is no chance that we will witness a goalfest akin to that ten-goal extravaganza which left Arsenal in a whole world of trouble.

“It won’t be as open as the last time. There is no chance of that,” said Ferguson.

“There won’t be a lot between the two teams. They have only lost six goals at home this season so we are well aware it is going to be a hard game.

“I just hope we can get the result we want and need.”

Manchester United trail Manchester City by three points in the Premier League table and will undoubtedly be looking for a favour from Spurs on Sunday. However, Ferguson does not expect Arsenal to be motivated by wanting revenge.

“I have never used revenge as part of my motivation,” he said.

“It rankles but you have to forget it. I am sure Arsene did that. That is what I would have done anyway.”

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