Tottenham manager unimpressed by Roberto Mancini’s antics

It is unknown whether Roberto Mancini likes to wave imaginary objects during his day-to-day life, although the Italian has recently become fond of brandishing a pretend yellow or red card in the direction of Premier League referees

This has happened in two successive football matches, with Mancini becoming infuriated with offences committed by Liverpool and Wigan players, something that has happened off the back of Vincent Kompany being sent off for a two-footed challenge against Manchester United.

It is not something which has gone down too well with Harry Redknapp who told a group of news journalists: “I don’t like it. I wouldn’t do it. I don’t like to see it.

“I don’t think there is any need for it. He has done a great job there and when I have met him I have found him a really good guy.

“We all do things we shouldn’t do at different times. We get caught up in the game but it’s not something I like to see.”

Meanwhile, Redknapp admitted that his team will be attacking City from the off on Sunday, with Spurs looking for a victory which would see them back in the title race.

He said: “We will go there as a positive team. I wouldn’t want to go there and sit back. We have people who can hurt them. We will go and take the game to them.

“They (City) will know they have had a game, I’m sure.

“They have outstanding players and they are a good team, but so are we.”

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